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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

Letting agents and private landlords all work in different ways so it's important you have an understanding of how we do things.

If you have any questions give us a call or email

  • What is my rental deposit for and will I get it back when I leave?
    We aim to always return a full deposit to the tenant but we can only do this if your rent is up to date on the day you leave and the property doesn't have any major damage.
  • I would like to report a non-urgent repair issue, what is the best way to do it?
    It's really simple, head over to our report a repair page, fill in the information and submit it to us. We will take a look at the issue, consult your landlord and be in touch with you as soon as we know how it is going to be dealt with.
  • Can I move the date I pay my rent?
    In most cases this can be done but you will need to cover the shortfall of your payment. For example; if you currently pay on the 20th of the month we can move it back to the 27th of the month but you would need to pay an extra week’s rent.
  • How often will PPM be inspecting my home?
    This can vary but we typically inspect your property every 4 months. We try to be as unintrusive as we can but we need to ensure the landlord's property is being well looked after and ensure that your property doesn’t have any issues which may get worse over time. An inspection is usually under 10 minutes and gives you an opportunity to ask our team any questions about your tenancy or report any issues to us.
  • If there is an urgent repair issue, how can I contact PPM?
    If the issue in your home relates to; security, heating, hot water or a severe leak we would need you to contact us via our Whatsapp contact numbers which can be found in the tenancy contract. We would encourage any non-urgent issues to be reported through our report a repair page.
  • When I move out of my property, what could be deducted from my deposit?
    When you decide to leave you'll be required to give at least 28 days written notice before vacating, during this time you'll need to bring the property up to standard. We expect.. All furniture (not included in the tenancy) and any rubbish must be cleared from the property along with all of your possessions. Carpets will be cleaned The property will be left clean Any holes in walls will be filled Any pre-approved painted walls will be returned to their original colour Outside space must be tidy and garden de-weeded where applicable Utilities must be informed you are leaving and up to date meter reads provided All sets of keys should be returned, including any you may have had cut during the tenancy
  • If I decide to leave, how much notice do I need to give?
    As per your tenancy agreement you will need to give us 28 days written notice in writing. This must be done via email, letter or written and submitted through our office. The 28 days starts from the day we receive the notice in writing. You will be sent an email detailing how your property should be left and when we will be attending to carry out the exit inspection.
  • Can I have my landlords details to contact them directly?
    This depends on what has been agreed in your tenancy. For landlords who chose let only or rent collection services you, as a tenant, will be directly in contact with them. In our fully managed tenancies it will be us that you will contact.
  • How can I arrange viewing for a property?
    Really simple, you can send an enquiry through our website, one of the various property portals we list our properties on, or give us a call at the office.
  • If my application is accepted, how long is it until I need to move in?
    Once accepted by your landlord we can hold the property for up to 4 weeks for you. Some landlords may insist you move in sooner but we understand that you probably need to give notice where you are.
  • Where and how will I sign my tenancy agreement?
    We operate a paperless office. Your tenancy agreement is sent to you to sign via email from 'Docusign'. The property inventory will also be sent to you prior to move in along with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Safety Certificate, the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and right to rent report, this can be signed and returned at a time to suit you prior to moving in. Before collecting your keys, both of these documents need to be signed and your first months rent and deposit need to be paid.
  • What are all the charges to the tenant and landlords when working with PPM?
    Every agent should publish a schedule of their charges to tenants and landlords by law. Read ours here.
  • How quickly will you let my property?
    A question we get regularly but a difficult question to answer accurately. Of course, this depends on the market demand, location, rental asking price and condition of your property. We aim to let every property within 3 weeks of listing it. We hope you'll agree that finding the right tenant is the most important aspect of letting any property.
  • Why should I use a letting agent to manage my property?
    You can manage your own property of course but using a good letting agent represents excellent value for money. Having access to a team of professionals who can collect your rents, be your main contact with your tenant, keep your property occupied and well maintained and keep you abreast of the incoming legislation in our industry is extremely important. Not to mention it frees you up to focus on doing what you want to do. It's also worth noting that your management fees are a tax-deductible expense.
  • If my property needs some work before it is ready for the market can PPM arrange this for me?
    Yes. Before listing any property we carry out an inspection to make sure that the property is up to the required legal safety standards and advise on any necessary work. We also make recommendations for any improvements we think you could make to achieve a higher rent or attract a better tenant. Our team can arrange and carry out any required work prior to letting.
  • If my tenant reports a repair issue, how do you deal with it?
    As soon as a repair is reported through our online reporting system we send it on to you via email for review. If we believe that the repair is in the amount agreed in our business terms and condition contract then our in house team will see to this. If we believe the cost will be more than the arranged amount, you can either carry out the repair yourself, instruct your own contractor, or pass the job back to us to be sorted by our in-house team. The issue may require further inspection to determine the route cause which a member of our team would carry out.
  • If I want PPM to take over the management of my property from another agent, how involved do I need to be in the process?
    It’s a really hands-off process. All we need from you is our terms of business signed and returned. You will need to give the required notice to your current agent but once they are notified we can arrange to collect all certification, tenancy agreements, tenant contact information and keys. At that point, we will make contact with your tenants and make them aware of the switch.
  • If a tenant damages my property mid way through their tenancy and refuses to pay for the essential repair, what recourse do I have?
    Let’s say, for example, that a shower screen is damaged during a tenancy and we have sufficient evidence to suggest this was done by a tenant. The repair would need to be carried out as normal, you as the landlord would pay for it and the invoiced amount will be contested at the end of the tenancy and deducted from the deposit. In most cases though, the tenant will offer to pay for it there and then.
  • What are all the charges to the tenant and landlords when working with PPM?
    Every agent should publish a schedule of their charges to tenants and landlords by law. Read ours here.
  • What does the service cost?
    It depends on the level of service you require and how many properties you have – multiple landlords receive discount on our services to reflect the economies of scale. Ask us for a personal quotation.
  • What type of property makes the best buy-to-let investment?
    The simple answer is that is varies from area to area and depends what you are looking for from an investment. We are happy to advise on what could best suit your requirements so please ask us for more detail.
  • How can I be sure my tenant is suitable?
    It is in our best interest to ensure the tenants have impeccable reference. All prospective tenants are credit referenced. We also request employment references and (if applicable) previous landlord references.
  • Do you hold and protect the deposit under all the services?
    Yes, we can hold and protect a tenant’s deposit on all of our services although landlords should confirm what charges apply. This is done though the Deposit Protection Service.
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